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Welcome to MARY, your marketplace for local produce, bakeries, and products.

How do I activate and manage my listings?

Text a product picture to (205) MARY-SMS. Take the following steps to edit and publish your listings.

Step 1

Log in with your Phone Number.

Select Vendor Login. Enter the phone number from which you texted MARY your product picture.

After you enter your phone number, you will receive a text with your login code.

Step 2

Update contact info and vendor name.

Select Profile from the left sidebar. Update the specified fields. The vendor name defaults to MARY. Be sure to update with your vendor name so customers can search for you.

Your email is provided to customers who purchase your products. They will contact you directly with questions.

Designate pickup information for all products.

The pickup information you specify appears on each product detail page on MARY so customers know when and where to pick up their orders.

IMPORTANT: Updates to the Profile page must be manually applied to each product for them to appear on the product detail page in MARY.

Example: To update your pickup time, make the change on your Profile page. Select each active product that should display the new time. Select Update. The new time will then appear on the product detail page.

(We will automate these updates in the future, so stay tuned.)

Step 3

Review product status.

Select Product from the left sidebar to see all your products. All products default to draft. Draft products will not display on MARY.

To edit and publish on MARY, select the image next to each product name.

Step 4

Update product title and description.

This info displays along with the pickup information on each product detail page on MARY.

Specify the unit of sale for each item. Example: 1 tomato, or 1 set of three tomatoes.

Include product specific pickup instructions. Example: This product is made to order. Arrange pickup with the vendor.

Add more images.

Select the Add button, to add additional product images.

MARY is a machine and she's still learning. The more images you add, the better she will become at creating your product listings.

Update price and inventory.

Under Price, set the price for each item.

Under Inventory, designate the quantity of each item that is available for purchase. When you sell out, a Sold Out label will tag your item on MARY.

Step 5

Activate your listing.

Under Product Status, select active. This publishes your listing and makes it discoverable on MARY.

Tell your customers to enter your vendor name in the search bar to find all your active products.